Yes, You Can Book an Inexpensive Last-Minute Trip to Belize

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If the thought of immersing yourself in the wondrous ancient cities of the Maya civilization, or hiking through the rain forest and seeing animals that you thought were only in a zoo, or just relaxing on a pristine tropical beach until you watch the sun set seems unaffordable, think again. Belize has all of these things and more, and a vacation to this enchanting country just became more affordable.

During the month of May, Cahal Pech Village Resort is offering 20 percent off on all of their accommodations. This incredible discount is sure to help any traveler make the decision to come and enjoy Belize.

Belize in May can be considered near-perfect. The weather is tropical and warm and will allow you to enjoy all of your outdoor activities. The beach areas and other attractions are not over crowded with summer travelers, and every activity that is available during peak season is still available during May.

Adventures To Enjoy In Belize

Explore Maya ruins throughout the country. Belize has the most amazing temples, cities and other monuments left by the ancient Maya civilization. Enjoy interacting with Maya descendants and enjoy their culture, food, and entertainment. Hike through monuments that are so well preserved that it is hard to imagine their true age.

Find your inner wildness and enjoy the tropical rain forests and nature reserves. Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the Belize Jaguar and other magnificent animals. See some of the rarest birds and plants on the planet. Picnic in one of the many park areas as you experience the true outdoors.

Dive in the largest reef area of the Western Hemisphere. Belize has been ranked as one of the top diving areas in the world because of the magnificent sea life found throughout the coast line. End your snorkeling experience by swimming with the nurse sharks who love to call Belize home.

Enjoy white sand beaches and warm Caribbean water. Sit on the beach and soak up the sun and the peaceful scenery. Truly relax as you enjoy the tropical foods and flavors of Belize at one of the many dining establishments.

Finally, when your day is complete, come back to the resort and relax for the evening in a beautiful room while watching the sun disappear for the day. Enjoy the superior service offered by the staff and the unique pleasure in knowing that you are going to enjoy just as many things the following day.

Questions about visiting Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.




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