Why Visit Belize in August or September? Because You Can!

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If you’ve ever vacationed in Europe during the month of August, you know crowds can be daunting! August is vacation month throughout the continent, so finding a hotel or a campground on which to pitch a tent isn’t easy. Restaurants? Awash in humanity and prices are high to capitalize on crowds—which is why spending this time of year in the Western Hemisphere instead just makes good sense. To discover paradise on a shoestring, target August and September in Belize. Happily, it’s the least popular time to visit! But here’s the reality: The weather is idyllic and accommodations at resorts like Cahal Pech are so reasonable, even Europeans are replacing their former vacation destinations with Belize.

Why Spend August in Belize?

First up, temperatures are mostly hold-overs from the month of July. The range is from 78- to 86-degrees F, so it’s neither too hot nor too cool for an easy-breezy wardrobe that consists of shorts, lightweight shirts, flip-flops and perhaps a hoodie. A rain poncho is recommended since it’s the green season, but since showers arrive mostly at night or in the early morning hours when you’re still abed, you may never wear the poncho. As the end of August arrives, coastal sea breezes increase but temperatures remain mild and comfortable. If you stay at Cahal Pech Village Resort–where rates and amenities drop to the lowest of the year in August—even if you’re living on the proverbial shoestring, you’ll enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

Why Spend September in Belize?

Because temperatures remain pleasurable–between 77- and 86-degrees F–thus your August wardrobe suffices. Use Cahal Pech as your headquarters during September so you’ve a central place to lodge as Belize’s massive and month-long independence celebration stretches throughout September. Attend Battle of St. George’s Caye Day events on September 10th and stick around for mid-September parades staged at villages, towns and cities throughout the land. An epic, non-stop Carnivale is held late in the month. Don’t be surprised if you spend very little time in your air conditioned accommodations at Cahal Pech, what with perpetual parties swirling around you. By month’s end, the eagerly-awaited Belize Expo followed by Independence Day on the 21st (complete with fireworks) wraps September up with a big, beautiful bow.

With all of this fun, affordability and spectacle on deck, it’s anybody’s guess why tourists avoid Belize each August and September when the weather is splendid and the celebrations are even more so, but if you’re like many of us–and like being here when it’s less crowded—please keep this time of year to yourself so those Europeans don’t find out about our revolutionary prices, revolutionary fervor and accommodating weather!

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