Travel Channel says Belize is one of the happiest countries in the world

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The popular travel site The Travel Channel just posted on their website a list of the top 10 most happiest countries in the world and our beautiful country, Belize is on the list!

“With the second biggest barrier reef in the world, a laidback Caribbean lifestyle and a favorable climate, there’s lot to be happy about in Belize. But its cultural diversity is what is truly believed to make this country so content and welcome,” reads the description of Belize in the article which was published today.

The other 9 countries that made it on the list are Colombia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Guatemala.

“It is so interesting to see that 6 Central American countries made it on the list, says Lloyd Alvarez, Reservations Manager of Cahal Pech Village Resort whose resort offers a variety of tours and vacation packages to travelers to Belize.

The Travel Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that features documentaries, reality, and how-to shows related to travel and leisure around the United States and throughout the world.

Programming has included shows on African animal safaris, tours of grand hotels and resorts, visits to significant cities and towns across the world, programming about various foods across the world, and programming about ghosts and the paranormal in notable buildings.


Travel Channel says Belize is one of the happiest countries in the world by



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