Skip Tulum and Cancún This Winter and Travel to Belize Instead

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GQ Magazine, a leading purveyor of the latest trends in culture, travel, and fashion, announced that Belize is now their go-to destination in the Caribbean. In their November 2018 edition, GQ recommended skipping Mexican beach resort towns like Tulum and Cancún in favor of Belize.

Belize is located immediately south of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and a short drive from cities like Tulum and Cancún. GQ lavished praise on Belize for being a far superior destination thanks to its sparse population, English as the official language, lack of overcrowding, and spectacularly beautiful nature. Belize was also called a “tourists’ gem” by GQ thanks to some swanky part-time residents like Sofia Coppola and Leonardo Di Caprio, both of whom own holiday homes in the country.

The nation of Belize was also praised precisely for what it doesn’t have – sprawling resorts, large hotel chains, fast food outlets, or congested metropolises. Instead, Belize is a largely rural nation where pristine panoramas of “deep blue water” and “wild tropical foliage” are dominant.

The small size of Belize also makes it really easy to get around. For less than $100, travelers can hop between every town on the mainland and two offshore islands with a quick, domestic flight provided by Maya Island Air or Tropic Air, Belize’s two local airlines. Belize also has a comprehensive network of modern, paved highways that make it easy to get just about anywhere in a couple of hours.

GQ Magazine delighted its readers with a luxury, week-long itinerary, but there’s plenty to do in Belize even on a quick weekend getaway. Top activities on the offshore reef include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, sailing, and living it up like a castaway with a beach barbecue of seafood caught fresh daily in the nearby waters. On the mainland, recommended activities include touring a rum distillery, hiking through a wilderness sanctuary, fly-fishing, horseback riding, zip lining, and cave tubing, Belize’s signature activity that involves floating down miles of underground rivers through vast cave networks.

Thinking of heading to Belize to warm up this winter? Be sure to stay at Cahal Pech Village Resort. Located in the heart of beautiful San Ignacio, Cahal Pech has lovely thatched-roof cabanas and is home to a gourmet resort popular with international visitors and locals alike. Cahal Pech also organizes trips to popular attractions in the region, including the ancient Maya city of Tikal (just over the border in Guatemala).

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