How to Explore Belize in 6 seconds!

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You probably can’t visit your favorite attraction in six seconds – not without social media magic! The Belize Tourim Board has launched the Travel Belize Vine profile as of September 1, 2015.

Vine allows users to share snippets of six second videos, in a super attractive and engaging format.

The Vine account has a stack of breathtaking images, such as the Southeast Coast of Placencia.

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Vine, says the BTB, “isn’t just another social platform, it’s an entirely new digital market for Belize to increase its digital engagements! Our online audience is seeking new innovative ways to share their travel experiences in real-time and to be inspired for their next exploration!”

With over 50 million users currently on Vine, says the BTB’s Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, Ms. Karen Pike, Belize will maintain itself as one of the top destinations for adventure and leisure, targeting millennia!

“It is one of many new and creative avenues we are tapping-into for the engagement and inspiration of travel-enthusiasts who are constantly seeking that next ‘IT’ destination… We know that Vine is one of the more popular and recent apps that travelers rely on for both adventure-tips as well as sharing their own unique and fun journeys, daily. In this realization we are more than excited to place Belize on the Vine-map!” Pike said.

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