Belize chosen as one of Frommer’s Best Places to Go for 2015

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By Larry Waight

Just this morning, I wrote an article entitled 10 coolest places to visit in Belize in 2015 and an hour later, I find that Frommer’s picked Belize as a best place to go in 2015.

Coincidence? I think not.

“We love travel, so there will always be countless places that we think you should go and where your own discoveries lie. But we think that 2015 in particular is the best time to discover—or rediscover—these 15 sensational places,” write the Frommer’s editors.

Belize was summarized as follows:

“Send him to Belize”. That was the euphemistic advice given to lead character Walter White in the final season of TV’s Breaking Bad by his lawyer Saul, who felt that Walt should bump off his cop brother-in-law. Immediately after the episode aired, the Belize Tourism Board issued an invitation to the cast for all-expense paid vacations.
No word on whether any of them took advantage of the offer, but it shone a light on this emerging touristic powerhouse, which is one of the most life-affirming (not death inducing) destinations on the planet. Most often compared with the far larger Costa Rica for its large swatches of virgin rainforest (some 50% of the country is blanketed in them with 80% of those protected by law), the country has the same sorts of natural adventures its bigger compatriot does—from ziplines to bird watching to watersports (both on rivers and in the ocean) and enthralling hikes.

Since Belize has far more Mayan sites, its a better choice for the traveler who wants to mix culture and history in with their green time. Over the course of a week, you might find yourself scaling ancient Mayan pyramids or swimming into caves once used by the Mayans for ceremonies. In the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave in the Cayo region, centruies-old pots and the skulls of victims of ritual sacrifices have been calcified to the floor. (So it turns out an ancient Walter White actually did send someone to Belize.) Prime dving and snorkeling spots also give his tiny country a thriving beach culture—the opening image for this year’s slideshow was taken in Belize.For the adventure traveler, there are few countries as satisfying or as suprisingly beautiful as Belize, so visit it before the rest of the world realizes what it’s missing.

Vietnam, South Dakota, Turkey, North Carolina, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, New Mexico, Austria, Washington DC, Cunard Line, England, Tanzania and Yellowstone National Park in the USA were the other 14 destinations that made it on the list. You can read the full article here: https://www.frommers.com/slideshows/847982-frommer-s-best-places-to-go-in-2015#slide848851

If you will be traveling to Belize in 2015, we will love to help you plan your Belize vacation. Our contact information is below:

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Belize chosen as one of Frommer's Best Places to Go for 2015 by



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