Discover Belize With These 10 Instagram Photos

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Many people who visit Belize usually post their vacation photos on Instagram, the popular social media photo site. If you visit Instagram and search for Belize, you will find over 250,000 amazing photos on Belize.

In this post, we bring to you 10 of those amazing pictures from around Belize.

Belize is a top scuba diving destination. Photo by @scuba_diving

scuba diving in belize

The famous Belizean Rice and Beans. Photo by @luvarastasistah

the famous belizean rice and beans

Belize is one of the last unspoiled countries in the world. Photo by @spencerhinds

belize vacation photos

Belize is famous for its Maya Ruins. Photo by @Bethany Dufresne

belize maya ruins

Belize weather is perfect all year round. Photo by @dfphotos_bze

belize weather

Belikin Beer, the beer of Belize. Photo by @tciam

belikin beer of belize

A small creek enters Northern Lagoon. Photo by @tonyrath

aerial photos of belize tony rath

Belize has some of the best pristine rivers in the world. Photo by @Medjinah Sendy Wallis

belize jungle rivers

Cave tubing is one of the top rated tours in Belize. Photo by @michaelalexander87

cave tubing in belize vacation photos

Belize offers the best snorkeling in the world. Photo by @daniellebahri

snorkeling in belize

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