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Get Inspired for Your Trip to Belize

Belize is much more than just an eclectic destination for families, honeymooners, and adventure travelers. In many ways, Belize is a lost world, a country where most of the landscape is in the form of pristine rainforests and mysterious jungles teeming with exotic wildlife and tropical birds. In Belize, nature is everywhere, green leaves and […]

12 Reasons to Hit Gorgeous Belize this Summer

How do you define the word gorgeous? Simple: “Belize.” Our small nation is resplendent in colors, sounds, tastes and sites that can only be described as breathtaking. To give you a dozen reasons why you will want to visit this summer, we suggest that you close your eyes after reading each one and imagine yourself […]

How Safe Is Belize?

Travel advice and advisories for Belize While no country can ever guarantee you that nothing will go wrong, Belize is generally a very safe country for visitors. The country is very rural in aspect, and even the largest municipality (Belize City) has only 70,000 inhabitants. If you’re considering visiting Belize, here’s everything you need to […]

Top Summer Things To Do Around Belize

This summer, come visit Belize and enjoy one of the world’s most amazing and beautiful countries. Whether it’s snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear waters of a Caribbean reef or swinging through the jungle on a series of zip lines, Belize has something for every taste, desire, and budget. On your summer vacation in […]

5 Ways Belizeans Celebrate Independence Day

In early Belize history, the country was under Spanish rule, but Spain did not actually control the area due to a belief that it did not have sufficient resources to gain the country’s full attention. Spain allowed British settlers into the area, and the British eventually had a large presence in the area. During the […]

If You’re Headed To Belize, You’re Doing Things Right

7 Spots That Make Belize One Of The Prettiest Places On Earth Belize is a truly unique and unspoiled destination and Belizeans want to share it with you. The size of the country is only 8,867 square miles but it is filled with many ancient Maya cities and caves, lush jungles, a plethora of flora […]

The Beer of Belize

Belikin beer is the national beer of Belize and the “only beer worth drinking” says the Belize Brewing Company which produces the beer. The company has been brewing Belikin Beer and Belikin Stout since 1971 and its tagline is “the beer of Belize”. The name “Belikin” comes from the Maya language and means “Road to […]

Discover the Best Belize Tours and Excursions

Looking for adventure? Or maybe you simply want to explore some of the most beautiful, natural areas in Belize. Cahal Pech Tours is your number one choice for independent adventure tours in Belize. With a staff of expert local guides fully licensed by the Belize Tourism Board, Cahal Pech Tours is a great choice when you want […]

13 Reasons That Will Urge You To Vacation in Belize

Vacation in Belize in 2018 Here’s Why Belize Deserves To Be On Top Of Your Travel Bucket List One of the world’s top travel destinations, Belize offers captivating and spectacular attractions and a potpourri of fun filled activities and adventure. Here are 13 reasons why you will want to spend your vacation in Belize this […]

Belize Independence Day 2018

September 21, 2018 will mark the 37th anniversary of Belize gaining full independence from Great Britain. The whole country will wave the nation’s red, white and blue flags, feast on local delicacies, participate in parades, sing songs, and enjoy street parties and dancing as celebrations continue for weeks, starting with St. George’s Caye Day on […]