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Don’t Miss the “Taste of Belize” Food Festival

Photo by BTB What do you get when you mix ancient Maya influences, hearty Creole ingredients, spicy Mexican flavors, and traditional African recipes? You get the delicious fusion that is Belizean cuisine! On July 21, 2018, the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City will be hosting this year’s Taste of Belize, a lively cooking and […]

10 Belizean Foods Every Traveler to Belize Must Taste

What’s Cooking? In Belize, Find Delicious Answers to That Question! Visit France and eat fois gras. While in the U.S., order at least one cheeseburger and find out why pasta is Italy’s number one dish. But Belize is both a figurative and literal melting pot when it comes to cuisine, which is why you can […]

How to Make Belizean Fry Jacks

In this video, you will learn how to make Fry Jacks – a favourite breakfast of many Belizeans. Fry Jacks Recipe Courtesy of Flavors of Belize A popular Belizean recipe, fry jacks are normally eaten for breakfast accompanied by refried beans, sausage, bacon and eggs. For those of you with a sweet tooth, some Belizeans […]

How to Make Belizean Johnny Cakes

Johnny Cakes are not only a delectable morning breakfast but remain one of the top foods to eat in Belize. In this blog post, we share the ingredients and instructions on how to make Johnny Cakes. Recipe for Belizean Johnny Cakes 1 lb flour 1/2 cup shortening or substitute marjarine, or butter 3 heaped teaspoons […]

Authentic Belizean Stew Chicken with Rice and Beans Recipe

Some of the best-loved foods in Belize are also the simplest. One of the classic dishes enjoyed throughout Belize is a signature take on the Caribbean standard of stew(ed) chicken with rice and beans. The perfect combination of protein and complex carbohydrates, stew chicken with rice and beans is a hearty dish that can be […]

The Ixtabai Restaurant at Cahal Pech Village Resort

It’s no secret that San Ignacio has some of the best eats in all of Belize. With so many fine establishments to choose from, visitors often have trouble picking one that suits their tastes. One hidden gem that flies under the radar is the Ixtabai Restaurant at Cahal Pech Village Resort. It delivers the most […]

5 Things to Eat in Belize

A recent article entitled “Caribbean Food: 5 Things to Eat in Belize” published on The Daily Meal website, a site that covers food and drink topics through articles, videos, and special reports highlight the fact that Belizean food is another reason why you should visit Belize. “If you are looking to discover Caribbean food, Belize […]

Madisco to Hold Food Show in San Ignacio Belize

Madisco, a ROE Group Company headquartered in Belize City, Belize will be holding its first ever food show at Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio Town tomorrow Thursday, November 13th 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. The event is being organized by the Food and Beverage Department of Madisco and will showcase a variety of […]

5 Photos of the San Ignacio Market

“On Saturday mornings, San Ignacio Market comes alive with farmers selling local fruits and vegetables. Vendors also hawk crafts, clothing, and household goods. Some vendors show up on other days as well, but Saturday has by far the largest market” reads the San Ignacio Market Review on the Fodor’s website. The San Ignacio Market is […]

How to Make Belizean Rice and Beans

  Photo credit: Vista Cove Belize Belizean foods are a remarkable collaboration between peoples, generations, ingredients and cooking styles. Featured Recipe: Belizean Rice and Beans Rice and Beans is one of the most popular foods in Belize. In fact, it is a meal that is prepared every Sunday by many Belizeans country wide. If you […]

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