Cahal Pech Village Resort Announces Limited Late-Year Special

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Anyone in need of an idyllic vacation late in the year that comes with a generous 20-percent discount at a resort known for its versatility and service, won’t want to delay booking a reservation at the Cahal Pech Resort in Belize. In the past, discounted deals triggered a flood of responses, and since this special extends only to stays ending on October 31st, travelers can’t afford to wait.

“In the past, August, September and October were fairly quiet months here at Cahal Pech because summer visitors were gone and our northern clientele waits for the end of the year to come down. But of late, traffic has gotten heavy during what we fondly call the green season. We decided to introduce the world to Cahal Pech by adding a 20-percent incentive on stays,” explains Lloyd Alvarez, the resort’s reservations manager. “It gives us the chance to promote new airline routes like Southwest’s Belize legs, too.”

Is Southwest the only carrier eager to add routes? Hardly. Cheap flights offered by major carriers like Delta that originate in Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York are stoking travel fires, too. Delta’s Belize flight expansions have generated headlines (https://www.belizehub.com/2015/08/04/delta-196-257-los-angeles-new-york-dallas-boston-baltimore-belize-city-belize-roundtrip-including-all-taxes/).

“What can visitors expect from our unprecedented 20-percent discount at Cahal Pech?” asked Alvarez, in response to media inquiries. “Exactly the same Belize treatment and accommodations we offer year-round—minus the crowds, of course. Our packages are affordable and take all of the work out of planning because we do it all for travelers who badly need vacations but are so exhausted, they don’t even want to make decisions about where to eat!”

“Rooms, cabanas and suites suit all groups of travelers, from honeymooners to families with kids. We encourage visits from families because we know that parents who expose their youngsters to other cultures teach tolerance and expose kids to diversity,” added Alvarez. “When a family can take this travel adventure without having to pay full price, they’ve also taught their children a few lessons in economy and budgeting.”

Thanks to this season of saving, Cahal Pech guests enjoy the perfect mix of tranquility, tours and excursions that includes a little nightlife at nearby San Ignacio town where visitors can spend some of the 20-percent they save on meals, shopping and relaxation.

“Our 20-percent discount won’t be around forever and bookings are already showing the popularity of this year-end special,” added Alvarez. “I would hate to see couples or families miss out on this because they waited too long!” Get more details by visiting Cahal Pech’s website, https://www.cahalpech.com/reservations/, before time runs out.

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