9 Awesome Reasons to Book a vacation to Belize in 2018

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Located in Central America on the western shores of the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a great escape destination for families, honeymooners, and adventure travelers.

Here are 9 awesome reasons why you should book your 2018 vacation in Belize:

1 – A Land Without Winter

When cold winds and snow blow across North America, Belize remains warm and sunny. You’ll never need scarves, mittens, and warm boots when you’re in Belize!

2 – Easy Access

All of the top airlines, including United, Delta, American, WestJet, and Southwest, offer non-stop service from cities in the United States and Canada to Belize.


3 – The Maya

Once the heartland of the ancient Maya civilization, Belize is home to dozens of impressive lost cities, pyramids, and ceremonial caves. The World Heritage Site of Tikal is also just over the border in neighboring Guatemala.

4 – The Food

Combining delicious, fresh-caught seafood and a medley of cultural influences, including Chinese, British, Caribbean, and African flavors, there is truly something to tempt even the most finicky palate in Belize. Nobody ever goes home hungry after a vacation in Belize!

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5 – Jungle and Sea

Few countries in the world offer both worlds. In Belize, you can be hiking through a pristine jungle or clambering up an ancient Maya pyramid in the morning and sipping on the beach of a tropical island in the evening.

6 – Friendly Locals

A truly harmonious melting pot society, the people of Belize are incredibly friendly, warm, and hospitable, making every visitor feel right at home.

7 – English

Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language, meaning you can relax and enjoy your vacation without needing a translator.

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8 – The Perfect Getaway Vacation

Whether you’re an adventure traveler, family, honeymooner, or simply in seek of the perfect exotic getaway destination, Belize has something for everyone.

9 – Avoid the Crowds

One of the last unspoiled corners on the globe, Belize is a great place to enjoy raw natural beauty, including waterfalls, coral atolls, and rainforests without having to battle your way through hordes of tourists.

Cahal Pech VillageResort

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Cahal Pech Village Resort can arrange for your perfect vacation in Belize, including tours to all of the top spots, accommodations, and transportation.

We look forward to seeing you in Belize!

Questions about visiting Belize? Contact us at info@cahalpech.com or call toll free 239 494 3281. We’d love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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