Cahal Pech Village Resort can provide round trip transportation from Cancun to Belize as well as to other destinations in Mexico like: Merida, Playa Del Carmen, and Chetumal.

Transportation To and From: Cost 1 – 3 pax After 3 pax
Cancun $556 $150
Playa del Carmen $500 $125
Chetumal $334 $95

Many travelers who visit Belize also visit Mexico and as a result our resort can pick or drop you off at any of the above mentioned cities in Mexico. The travel distance by car from Cancun to San Ignacio Town is approximately 380.4 Miles or 612.2Km, which is about 8 hours driving.

We can also pick or drop you off anywhere in Belize as well as to the popular tourism destinations in Guatemala like Antigua and Flores.

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