San Ignacio Belize Tours

If you’re visiting San Ignacio, there are three tours you definitely will want on your bucket list. These tours are great for families and offer wonderful sight-seeing opportunities with guided tours. Bird watching, the Butterfly Farm, and the Botanical Gardens all offer tourists wonderful views into some of Belize’s most beautiful wildlife scenery.

Bird Watching


This tour offers a visit to El Pilar, a Maya flora and fauna reserve that is an excellent place to view Belize’s tropical birds. You’ll enjoy hiking on three spectacular nature trails in Belize’s lush tropical forests. By overlooking canopies from the summit, you’ll be able to see the birds in their natural habitat. Not only is the view magnificent, but watching and listening to the bird calls is an unforgettable experience. Where else can you see toucans, Honeycreepers, Collared Manakins, an array of flycatchers, Mot-Mots, and numerous parrots except in Belize? Early mornings and late evenings are the perfect time to glimpse these wonderful specimens.

This tour provides visitors a glimpse of what the agro-forestry of the ancient Maya must have been like.

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Butterfly Farm


This tour takes you to the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm, a major attraction for anyone who loves and appreciates the beauty of butterflies. These butterflies are known for their splendid iridescent wings and beautiful colors. You’ll be able to observe the “Belizean Blue” butterflies through every stage of their life cycle, beginning as a pale green egg resembling a dewdrop. It then develops into a voraciously hungry caterpillar before turning into the form of a dormant pupa. The last stage is when the actual butterfly is formed. These dazzlingly gorgeous butterflies are also found throughout the world in butterfly houses.

This tour takes approximately one-half day.

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Botanical Gardens


At the garden’s entrance, you’ll be given a map with all the labeled plants. Your tour will take you on the Maya medicine trail, through a native orchid house, and view a bird blind on the pond. You’ll also walk through the rainforest with many tropical fruits and flowers. If you have a specific interest, be sure to let your guide know.

This tour takes approximately one-half day.

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