The Best Islands in Belize

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Belize Islands

Welcome to Belize: Where You'll Find 7 of the Most Stunning Islands

Belize is a breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean nation with over 239 miles of coastline. It also houses the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. With over 200 islands or cayes, it can be hard to decide which ones top your to-do list.

Although visitors may favor sharing their time in the northern islands such as Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye, traveling farther south to Tobacco Caye will get you closer to paradise. In as little as three-hours from Belize City, guests can traverse through some of the most remote and stunning locations in the country.

Whether you’re into sunning on the beaches of South Water Caye or experiencing the exciting nightlife of San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye, the pictures below showcases the best islands that Belize has to offer.

#1 Tobacco Caye

Tobacco CayeTobacco Caye is a tiny island in southern Belize. With over 186 miles of reefs that sit close to the Belizean coast, it’s a favorite location for spotting marine life. Because the island is a budgeter’s dream, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you’re looking for lodging and food resources. To get in the spirit of Tobacco Caye, visitors can pack their swim gear and get ready to relax and gaze up into the starry skies of Belize at night.

#2 Laughing Bird Caye

Laughing Bird CayeSituated 11 miles off the Placencia coast, tiny Laughingbird Caye is one of the most beautiful islands in Belize. The unique place gets its name from the laughing gull that comes to the island to breed. Because it sits on an elongated piece of reef, Laughinbird Caye has an abundance of marine life. Declared a protected area, the national park is a World Heritage Site where snorkelers and divers come to explore. Although overnight stays aren’t permitted at the park, it’s a great spot where travelers can come to grill out and host a picnic.

#3 South Water Caye

south water cayeOne of the most underrated areas is South Water Caye. With over 15 acres to explore, you’ll notice some of the most unique white, sandy beaches. Set in a tropical setting, snorkelers love it for its 180 degree views of marine life no matter where you go on the island. Belonging to the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, they take pride in having the biggest protected marine park in Belize.

#4 Silk Caye

silk cayeBest known as the Queen Cayes, Silk Caye is situated along the Belize Barrier Reef off the coast of Placencia. The sandy, white beaches and coconut trees make it a photographers dream. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts come for the marine life. Here you’ll find barracudas, lobsters and stingrays. Just a quick ride from Laughingbird Caye, visitors can make a trip to both cayes all in one day.

#5 Ambergris Caye

ambergris caye belizeThe largest island in Belize, Ambergris is in close proximity to both the Barrier Reef and mainland. Popular among travelers, the island boasts a variety of water related activities that include windsurfing, sailing, jet-skiing and snorkeling. Other draws to Ambergris Caye include bird watching, fishing and some of the best palate pleasing Belizean cuisine. Guests can enjoy traveling around the island by way of rented golf cart.

#6 Caye Caulker

caye caulker belizeA close neighbor to Ambergris Caye is the laid back island of Caye Caulker. Visitors to the island can stroll the streets via bicycle. Caye Caulker is also backpacker’s paradise as luxury hotels are limited. With a Caribbean vibe and “go slow” mantra, travelers who are looking for a less crowded spot will fall in love with Caye Caulker.

#7 St. George’s Caye

St. George's CayeSt. George’s Caye is a national treasure to those looking for a peaceful getaway. With a quick 20 minute trip via water taxi from Belize City, it is host to the most luxurious spot called the St. George’s Caye Resort. Visitors can enjoy everything from kayaking and diving to relaxing by the pool. The remaining island is secluded and safe with private dwellings owned by some of the most affluent residents. September 10th is a nationwide celebration and St. George’s Caye Day marks the special day where the Baymen drove away Spanish invaders.

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