9 Things Belizeans Do on Good Friday

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easter in belize

Good Friday is observed by many Belizeans as a Holy Day and is considered the day that Jesus died. It is one of the most peaceful days in the country as most people stay home with their families.

Here are 9 things Belizeans do on Good Friday:

They do not swim in the river or Caribbean Sea because they believe in the superstitious belief that they will turn into a mermaid or merman.

In the Town of Benque Viejo Del Carmen in western Belize, many people attend the live and colorful re-enactment of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

They eat the hot Cross Bun which is a traditional Easter food.

They do not drink liquor on Holy Friday.

They listen to gospel music.

They attend their church's commemorative service in the afternoon.

They do not travel until after 6pm.

They wait patiently for the Cross Country Bicycle Race.

They decorate the roadside altars with beautiful tropical flowers in remembrance of Jesus death.

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