16 Reasons Every North American Should Winter in Belize

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here is why you should spend your winter in belizeSpend a Warm Beautiful Winter in Belize

Your friends do it. Family members, too. Leaving North America for more hospitable weather during the winter--when minds, limbs and spirits need a respite--isn’t just a smart move; it could add years to your life. It matters not which winter months you choose for your vacation. Plan it around the weather. Use a trip south to celebrate an occasion. As for your destination, that’s no contest: Go to Belize where resorts like Cahal Pech help stretch your dollar as long as the nation’s endless beaches.

1. Take a day trip to Tikal Mayan ruins in such close proximity to Cahal Pech, you’ll have to cross the border to Guatemala to see this site, thus adding another country to your must-see list.

2. Dine on so many delicious breakfasts and dinners at Cahal Pech’s El Ixtabai Restaurant, you’ll need to log laps in the pool to ward off pounds courtesy of chefs trained by the Culinary Institute of America.

3. Pack an extra swimsuit in place of a language guide. English is the first language of Belizeans, so you can chat up anyone without a translator anywhere you go.

4. A large backpack may be all you need to vacation at Cahal Pech because the vibe is ultra-casual, the weather is perfection and the dress code is nonexistent.

5. Make friends with Cahal Pech staff to get personalized advice on what to do and see so you don’t waste valuable vacation time trekking to places that are of no interest.

6. Include an ATM visit on your itinerary. Actun Tunichil Muknal, a mysterious Mayan ceremonial site, was featured in National Geographic magazine for its unique and sacred interiors that have no equal.

7. Get married in Belize. Winter weddings at Cahal Pech are grand, stress-free events since staff members are planning wizards, whether you prefer an indoor affair or a beach wedding.

8. Work thought this tough dilemma: Which of the three Cahal Pech swimming pools will you favor? Here’s a hint: one features a gorgeous waterfall.

9. Make international friends relaxing over drinks at Ixtabai’s bar where you can spent hours chatting and taking in the panoramic view of the Belize River Valley.

10. Enjoy the view from your Cahal Pech accommodation. Whether you opt for a thatched-roofed cabaña, standard room, junior suite, deluxe suite or two student dorms, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are included in the price!

11. Ask Cahal Pech staff about the Belize jungle & sea vacations. These pre-planned holidays maximize your time in Belize and they're packed with perks, activities, meals and more.

12. Take care of business, if you must. Cahal Pech’s business facilities offer guests complimentary WIFI and multimedia equipment; solve your dilemma and return to the pool fast!

13. Treat yourself to at least one massage during your stay. Cahal’s onsite relaxation emporium awaits.

14. Discover why Belize is a mecca for bird watchers. Colorful species are so gorgeous, even tourists with no interest in ornithology are enthralled.

15. Use your camera to bring home precious memories. Snap away on tours to rainforests, ruins, caves and wildlife sites or just photograph the beautiful Cahal Pech Village Resort so you recall this idyllic winter vacation.

16. Do nothing. If you're desperate to unwind, decompress and relax on your private veranda, Cahal Pech staff will hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Can you think of a better place to enjoy a winter getaway?

Questions about traveling to Belize? Contact us today at info{@}cahalpech.com. We will love to help you plan your Belize winter vacation.


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